Fleet Managers

At US Markets we work very hard to be a valuable resource to the industry’s hardest working fleet managers. We know that they don’t have time for anything but valuable solutions to their problems. Helping to supplement capex, seasonal or short term demand, or even emergency needs with our re-rental fleet of Genie SX-180’s, Z-135’s, JLG 1350 SJP’s, S-125’s and anything else that they need is our life’s calling.

US Markets’ experience in building customized reconditioning programs based on the specific needs of their fleet is the proof in the pudding that customer focus is our number one goal. Many of the leading fleets in the industry have uncovered the benefits of reconditioning and the impact our programs can have on their business, and US Markets is a trusted partner in executing complex fleet plans. Call us today to explore how we can help you meet your fleet planning goals.

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