Machine Reconditioning

Extend the life of rental equipment

When the time comes to replace rental equipment, there are several options to maintain your current inventory levels. Choosing to buy new or used or complete extensive repairs or reconditioning the machine are all options that are viable. It’s often difficult to see which offers the best value for your money, however.

Benefits of reconditioning

  • Economical – Reduce yearly capital requirements and improve margins
  • Stabilized Inventory – Meet rental demands without replacing or retiring older equipment
  • Dependability – Improve the reliability and availability of your fleet to meet customer needs

Reconditioning is the most cost effective solution for maintaining a large, dependable rental fleet for your customers. USM’s trained, certified technicians can add years of life to any machine for a fraction of the cost over buying new.


Calculating the costs of replacing versus reconditioning

By leveraging the benefits of a professionally managed and executed Reconditioning Program, you can improve rental margins, increase cash flow, and stretch your operating budget further than ever.

Deciding between rebuilding or replacing equipment is never a black and white decision. To help determine what is best for your business, use our Decision Calculator to identify potential cost savings.



New Equipment Only

Price Years of Service
New {{ newPrice | currency }} {{ newLife }}
New {{ newPrice2 | currency }} {{ newLife }}
New {{ newPrice3 | currency }} {{ newLife }}
New {{ newPrice4 | currency }} {{ newLife }}
Total {{ newTotal | currency }} {{ newLifeTotal }}
Average cost per year of operation {{ newCostPerYear | currency }}

Balanced Fleet Plan

Price Years of Service
New {{ newPrice3 | currency }} {{ newLife }}
Recondition {{ reconPrice2 | currency }} {{ reconLife }}
Total {{ reconTotal | currency }} {{ reconLifeTotal }}
Average cost per year of operation {{ reconCostPerYear | currency }}

*Average cost per year of operation = total cost / number of years

Annual Savings Per Machine by Reconditioning

{{ savings | currency }}

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