Our Programs

At USM Restoration, we pride ourselves in the ability to customize our programs to fit any customers need or budget. We do offer several full reconditioning programs, but we recognize that multiple options can be a significant benefit to any fleet manager or fleet owner who is interested in reconditioning. We will work with you on a personalized basis to construct the program that fits with your specific needs and reconditioning objectives. At the heart of every reconditioning program is a well designed inspection process, and upon arrival at our facility each machine is thoroughly evaluated for structural or catastrophic deficiencies by our factory trained technicians. We provide a Certificate of Reconditioning with each machine, as each reconditioned machine comes with a standard warranty as well.

Here is a very broad outline of the programs that we offer:

Boom Reconditioning Program

Telehandler Reconditioning Program

Carry Deck Crane Program

Pump Program

Scissor Lifts

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