FAQs about Re-rental

  1. What happens when my rental is over?

    You keep the machine at your yard until you have another rental, or until the machine is picked up by another rental company who needs it.

  2. What about if the machine is damaged during the rental?

    You are responsible for repairing the machine to the original condition in a timely manner. If needed, USM will assist in the process by performing the repairs or by contracting a third party to complete the repairs. This expense should be passed on to your customer.

  3. Does US Markets use telematics on their equipment?

    Yes, for over a decade now. USM can provide you with a login to view real-time access to the telematics data for the machines that you are re-renting.

  4. How can I use the telematics data?

    You can use USM’s telematics platform to view current and past location history, track usage and hours, and identify lift’s that have been idle and the customer may have forgotten to call off-rent.

  5. What if the boom lift or telehandler that I need for re-rental is not close to my location?

    US Markets strives to work with our customers to supply the equipment they need, when they need it and is always willing to work with customers on freight and shipping costs to help secure the deal. However, from time to time on highly utilized models or for short term rentals the cost of the freight must be passed on to the end-user customer.

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